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Bakersfield WINDOW PAINTING / Painter

Christmas / SPLASH lettering / Commercial Art
Storefront & Holiday Christmas Advertising

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Bakersfield Window Painting Splash windows

Windows by Bakersfield Window Painting 7 Signs Wizard Downtown, Bakersfield, Ca
Bakersfield Window splash painted advertising, utilizes storefront window space to its maximum potential
with brilliant primary and/or fluorescent NEON colors. The objective of a window splashis to attract potential customers to your product or service, particularly at the point of sale.

Compared to TV, Newspapers, Flyers, and other forms of advertising, Bakersfield Window Painting / Splash Advertising painter is an attractive, cost effective way to advertise, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
A window splash ad will cost substantially less, and will last for a long time.
Window splash advertising creates a greater, more immediate IMPACT response, because of the unique layout, design approximation, and brilliant NEON or Primary colors.

$150 minimum please, for our professional efforts
approximate christmas window cost/ $15-$29 per lineal Horizontal foot,(depending on the complexity of design)
for non elevated windows
Heights over 6 feet will be an additional cost
Travel cost for OUT of Town services- .65 per round trip mile from 93301

In today's economy, businesses need to constantly search for new ways to remain competitive. Not only should products and prices be looked at, but also the advertising dollars and their effectiveness.
The response we get from managers and owners regarding the effectiveness of window splash ads has been incredible. They all state it's a "WINNER" for effective, inexpensive advertising.
Why not see what window splash advertising can do for you?

Bakersfield Window Painting, California
....an effective, alternative advertising effect, to utilize a successful Business Campaign!

Bakersfield Window Painting Splash ART
Bakersfield, California- 2018
a company designed to help promote the commercial business owner

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